Guinness Reveals 2010 Gamer's Edition

Among the other nuggets of gaming trivia revealed by the 2010 edition: the biggest-selling video game of all time (Wii Sports, at over 43 million), the largest collection of Pokemon merchandise -- 12,113 unique items, in the collection of one Lisa Courtney -- and the most popular puzzle game of the century: Bejeweled. Naturally.

It also lists the world record for the longest time spent playing a massively-multiplayer online game: Sara Lhadi, who spent the equivalent of 700 days playing Runescape between November '04 and October '09. That works out to over 9 hours a day. Now that's commitment...or insanity.

Number 1 Video Game Series (As Voted By Readers): Halo. 13,079 Guinness enthusiasts participated in an online poll of the top 50 game series, marking Master Chief's series as supreme champ.

Most Recognizable Video Game Character: Mario? Sonic? Mega Man? Nope, it's Namco's very own Pac-Man. 94 percent of American consumers recognize the pellet-gobbler, edging out Nintendo's plumber by just one percent.

Biggest Selling Video Game of All Time: Wii Sports, with over 46 million sold

Highest Grossing Video Arcade of All Time: NBA Jam, making $1 billion in its first year

Longest Time Spent Playing an MMORPG: Sara Lhadi logged 16,799 hours grinding away in Runescape (Runescape!?) between November 2004 and October 2009 (I guess she hasn't stopped). That's nearly 700 days, which is nearly two solid years of game time! Also, that averages out to 9 hours 20 minutes a day.

Largest Collection of Pokemon Memorabilia: 12,113 unique Poke-things make up UK-resident, Lisa Courtney's real life Pokedex.

Most Popular Puzzle Game of the Century: This one goes to Bejeweled, which is likely sitting in your pocket as we speak. The game accounts for about one-third of PopCap's 1 billion game downloads. Puzzle game of the Century, eh? I though that the Rubik's Cube or jigsaw puzzle might have put up a better fight.

Who's the most recognizable character in video games? Nintendo legend Mario? Helmeted Halo lead Master Chief? Football legend John Madden?

Via Game Informer

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