Hottest Music Production Software by Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer is the Hottest Music Beat Machine Out On The Market, Designed By Top Hip Hop & Rap Producer In Nyc.

The good thing is that anyone can use it, even if you don’t have any experience with making beats or instrumentals. This is because the Sonic Producer is very user friendly. It has an easy to use and understand interface and it’s already configured for optimal use.

Also, there are multiple beat making courses coming along with the Sonic Producer. You’ll get easy to understand step by step videos that will teach you how to make your rap / hip hop beats and instrumentals while you use the Sonic Producer.

Who needs all that fancy hardware, when you can get the exact same professional results just by going online?

It’s called SONIC PRODUCER - and this awesome app is so off the charts good, it flat-out runs rings around anything else you’re gonna find on the web.

You'll literally have one of the most powerful, extensive & cutting edge music sequencers found anywhere – at any price – at your command.

So what makes this bad-boy beat machine so hands-down excellent?

Just take a look at these specs…

All the Instruments You Could Want & Then Some!

You want Drums? How about 9 DIFFERENT PERCUSSION CATEGORIES ... including

  • Kicks
  • Snares
  • Timpani
  • Timbales
  • Steel Drums... and more, with
  • Dozens of different styles included for each!

How about Guitars? Sonic Producer is loaded to the max with strings

  • Bass Guitars
  • Rock Guitars
  • Wah Guitars
  • Electric Guitars ... and again
  • Hundreds more choices, just in strings alone

Piano? Name the piano style you want, you'll find it here - including harpsichords!

Cymbals & Chimes .. same deal

Horns & Brass ... of course! Again ... hundreds upon hundreds of different styles to choose from!

Each major category has its own sub-categories – giving you THOUSANDS of SPECIALIZED INSTRUMENTS, SOUNDS AND EFFECTS.

Chords, Combos, Riffs, Special Sound Effects… ALL INCLUDED!

And With A FULL 16 (!) Tracks,
you want professional style mixing – you get professional style mixing. Overlay and mix sound after sound, creating a custom beat that’ll be unleashing hell on your musical scores.

Sonic Producer Review:

Sonic Producer currently has what may be the best price of all online beat-making software available today. While most other online software sites charge monthly or yearly fees to use their software.

Sonic Producer is currently offering a lifetime subscription to their online beat making software for only $29.99!

This is use in introductory offer from a new start up company, and won't be around forever.

Given Sonic Producer's good functionality, robust sample & sound library, and unbeatable price, this should be the website of choice for any novice musician interested in using online beat making software.

Complete, one-time payment for unfettered access is only… (drum roll please…) $97 ... $47 ... $29.95

Take me up on this offer today. Put Sonic Producer through its paces. Make sure it's everything I've promised - and more.

In fact, try it... RISK FREE FOR TWO FULL MONTHS. (Yes, 60 entire days!)

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